How long should it take for an open wound on lower leg to heal?

I had a curettage and cauterization for the removal of a squamous cell cancer on my lower left leg three months ago. There is a portion that has not healed yet. I have kept it covered with vaseline and a bandage for 99% of the time. It was exposed to the sun for a little while during our trip to the beach. Should I be concerned about how long it is taking to heal?

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Lower leg healing

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Thank you for your question. It can take quite a few weeks for the lower extremities to heal after a curettage and electrodessication. The length of healing time can be dependent upon other factor such as your age, circulation, and the depth of the procedure. If after three months it still is not completely healed, I would recommend you return to your treating dermatologist to evaluate the area. You want to make sure there is not an infection that is preventing the healing or that the lesion is completely removed. If there is remainder or recurrent SCC in the area, this could prevent the area from completely healing. 

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