Rhinoplasty depressed Scar Treatment/ Removal (Fraxel didn't work). (photos)

I had rhinoplasty that left two depressed scars on both sides of the nose. I tried few sessions of Fraxel with no noticeable improvement. What other options do I have? scar revision? Regards,

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Rhinoplasty depressed Scar Treatment/ Removal (Fraxel didn't work).

Your nasal scarring appears to be punctate in appearance, and I'm not surprised that Fraxel fractional laser treatment did not give much improvement--polka-dot treatments without proper density and spot packing tend to yield only more "texture," or at least minimal improvement.

I would suggest local anesthesia dermabrasion (or careful CO2 ablative laser resurfacing), but really, the latter is overkill for two small areas easily treated by dermabrasion. Be careful not to have unrealistic expectations, as no more than 50% improvement would be typically seen, and multiple sessions will only yield scant additional benefit. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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