How long should the burning/redness stay for?

hello 2 days ago had a infini procedure and i have some concerns, how long should the burning/redness stay for ?, secondly i put make up on the day after the procedure, was this a bad choice ? im worried, 3rd i had it done on my nose on a lower setting and only run through twice rather then 3 like my cheeks, and its still swollen and red ( slighty decreased ) the needles in infini add cartilage and since the nose is made of that is there a chance it might have permanently enllarged my nose size

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Redness after Infini, how long?

The redness after Infini should calm down after about 2-3 days. The redness should resolve after about a week. Infini will not add cartilage to your nose. It will not enlarge your nostrils. It is ok to place makeup the day after the procedure but not the day of the procedure. The channels stay open in the skin for up to about 6 hours so nothing other than what the doctor has ordered can be placed on the skin. Adding PRP at the time of treatment (in a mask form a la Dr. Lim) will improve healing times and possibly results.

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3-4 days with INFINI

This will depend on several factors including the depth, energy settings, pulse duration, passes, and any underlying skin history you have as well as the technical knowledge of your specialist who performed the procedure. On average 2-4 days. If done correctly, the chances of scarring following INFINI RF is very, very low, and in general is much safer than laser. 

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Dr Davin Lim
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Post infini redness and swelling

It is not uncommon to experience redness and swelling 48 hours after an infini treatment. People react differently with miconeedling. I find people with thin skin and light hair color experience more redness and itching. Don't be alarmed, this will subside in time. If not within the next few days, consult with your doctor.

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Infini recovery

Thank you for the question. The recovery from Infini RF will be variable based on the intensity of the treatment, number of passes, and your individual skin type. That said, redness and puffiness is common for 3 or 4 days. In my practice, I recommend that patients use a gentle moisturizer and SPF only on the treated areas for a week after each session. Thank you and best of luck moving forward!

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Swelling Typical

At this point, what you are experiencing does not sound unusual. A sunburn-like swelling and redness can be noticed for 4 days after treatment. Warm weather, exercise, and the amount of cooling you use at home can effect this too. I have never heard of Infini "adding cartilage." The swelling of your nose may be more notable than swelling of your cheeks and not truly an enlargement of the nose itself. Please call your doctor with any questions, as he/she can provide the most helpful advice regarding your specific situation.

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Infini Post Procedure

The redness usually lasts 1-4 days on average depending on the person. Putting makeup on is never an issue, but we tell our patients that they do not want to clog their pores with all of the makeup, we recommend a mineral based powder or light concealer. Hope this helps.

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Facial Aging and Lasers like Fraxel/Clear + Brilliant, RF like VIVA, Peels, Fillers, Skin Care, Face Lift, Fat Injections

I suggest you speak to your physiicna.  It all depends on strength and depth to determine the amount of downtime.  You should be on the proper skin care and should have a plan with your physician as to the long term improvement.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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