Can veneers fix my open bite? (photo)

I'm considering which possible treatment is the best way for me to go. I've been told that I would benefit from orthognathic surgery and/or orthodontic treatment (again!). On top of needing my bite fixed, I am also self conscious about the way my teeth look. I consider myself to have a crooked smile. As well, when I was younger I chipped my front tooth and caused nerve damage to the one beside it- hence why it always appears darker in photos. Please help!

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Can an Anterior Open Bite Be Fixed With Veneers?

Veneers are not a good solution to your anterior open bite. You would have to make the teeth much too long to close your open bite and you would still be left with the other skeletal problems you have.

Your upper arch is severely underdeveloped. This can be fixed with surgery OR with a simple removable dental appliance. Fixing your underdeveloped upper dental arch would give you a broader more beautiful smile and improve the health of your airway. 

After developing the size of your dental arch you could then use conventional braces to fix your anterior open bite. This can be done in 6-12 months using Fastbraces. 

All this treatment is assuming you have corrected any tongue habits or muscle abnormalities.

Good luck!

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