Is my tummy tuck botched? (photos)

I think my tummy tuck is botched, my plastic surgeon keeps brushing it off with a response that I look better then i did that I should do crunches and work out the lower part of my tummy. I believe he didn't finish my tummy tuck instill have stretch marks. I seem to still have a lot of lower tummy fat, My belly button is tucked up under my belly my upper abdominal area above my belly button puffs out now. I had this surgery done on March 9th 2016. Please tell me what I can do to have it fixed.

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Tummy tuck result

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I don't think you had enough skin removed in the original tummy tuck.  You would be a good candidate for a revision to remove more tissue.

Redo Tummy Tuck

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It looks like you need a redo of your tummy tuck.  This time, I advise you have the abdominal wall thinned to remove more fat and have more skin removed.  if you are bulging above the umbilicus, you may require a re-tightening of the muscles as well.

Revision Tummy Tuck

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It appears you have gotten an abdominoplasty that was insufficient in both fat and skin excision.  Unfortunately, I don't recommend a 'minor' touch up.  You appear to have skin laxity and redundancy above and below the umbilicus, so a full revision is required. In addition, thorough liposuction should be performed as well. 
I recommend you visit only ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons for second opinion consultations.
Best of luck!

Tummy tuck botched?

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Looks like you didn't have enough pulled out of your tummy skin; as such I feel that you will require a reoperation no remove redundant skin both above your belly button as well as below the bellybutton.

Is my tummy tuck botched?

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From the photos it appears a lot more skin and fat could have been removed. If your tummy is more prominent in the upper abdomen that can sometimes mean the muscles weren't tightened enough.  We would need to see preop photos and read the operative report to give you any more specific answer. Perhaps you can get that info and see another consultant in yoour area to determine if a revision is appropriate. 

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