What size will I be with 400cc mod plus implants?

Im naturally barely a 32 A.. and I'm getting a 400cc MOD PLUS ROUND implant. i dont think this matters but im getting it with silicone. Will I get to a D? or be about a C?

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Cup Size

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Cup size is not a scientific measurement; it is used by fashion designers for bra size. With that being said, your skin tone will make a difference. Are you 18 with no children or are you 40 with three children? It matters!

Without the benefit of pictures or an exam, in my experience a 400 cc implant, under the muscle, in a patient with a 32 A may produce a full C or small D cup size.

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Bra sizing varies greatly between bra makers and there is no way to guarantee a specific bra size.  The most important thing is to have a thorough sizing session to see which size appeals to you the most when you look in the mirror and at your chest.  Whether that appearance is labeled a D or a C makes no difference.  It's the look and feel that is important.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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It is very difficult to predict what cup size you will be without more information.  In addition, Cup sizes are not standardized; they vary significantly by designers.  I consider two factors when selecting implants for my patients:

1.Dimensional planning
2.Gel Implant Sizing system

Dimensional planning – The measurements of your chest wall are taken. Also, the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast form the basis of dimensional planning. Based on these measurements, the implant size is recommended. This will give you a unique breast implant that is suited for your body frame. However, there are some limitations of what size we can recommend. For instance, some implants may just be too big for a narrow chest wall. Your surgeon can review this with you during the consultation.

Gel Implant Sizing system – During the preliminary breast implant consultation, you will be provided with an option to “try on” a variety of implant shapes and sizes. You can also visualize the possible outcomes of your surgery which helps you to get that perfect size to give you the shape that you longed for. This way your preferences are known and you can then pick a range of implants that will “fit” just right to give a soft natural fuller look. Hope this helps.

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Dr. Basu

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Thank you for the question.

This will really depend on how much breast tissue you have, to best help you a physical examination or picture evaluation will be necessary in order to determine.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Cup size after BA?

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Since there are no fixed definitions of cup size, I would wager that if you went to enough fittings you would get two or three different cup sizes that might all fit. Rather than using a clothing label as an end point, see what looks good when trying on sizers, and your surgeon can use that info to pick the implant size.

If you like the results in the mirror, ignore the bra label.

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast size 400cc implants

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I prefer to ask the patient what size they would like to be and ideally have her bring in a picture of someone whose breasts are proportionate to her body like the patient would like her breasts to look post augmentation.I do that because what a C or D cup might look like varies between individuals just as it does between bra manufacturers. Based on that conversation and photos I make a recommendation as to the size implant I would expect to use. Without a photo at least to base my answer on, I will go out on a limb and say that if you are 32A I would expect you to be 32D post op.

Paul Buhrer, MD
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation

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as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup size may also be inaccurate.I use intraoperative sizers and place the patient in the upright position to evaluate breast size. Use of these sizers also allow me to select the breast implant profile (low, moderate, moderate plus, high-profile) that would most likely achieve the patient's goals. The patient's goal pictures are hanging on the wall, and allow for direct comparison.I have found that this system is very helpful in improving the chances of achieving the patient's goals as consistently as possible.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants and cup size

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Dear New Year,
You will likely have full C cup breasts with 400cc implants if you are starting with 32 A.  Good luck!

Cup size and implant volumes

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The postop cup size will depend on many factors. Bra sizes are typically not comparable from one store to another and from one brand to another. They vary based on the designer, the material and how you would like your bra to fit, loose or tight. Therefore, it is very difficult to give you or anyone an exact postop bra size. Implants come in volumes measured in cc's or ml's. The volume of the breast implant plus the volume of your own natural breast will determine the final bra size you wear. So, one person with a 400cc implant will have a different bra size than the next person if their own natural breast sizes are different. Sizing is very important and needs to be discussed in person with your surgeon after an exam.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants

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In my experience you will likely be a small D but that is just a guess and you could be any number of sizes. GOOD LUCK!

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