How many sessions and how much will it cost to get a medium sized tattoo removed? (photo)

My problem is that I don't think a tattoo artist can fix this so I want to get it removed and redone professionally some spots are not done correctly. How many sessions and how much will it cost to get a medium sized tattoo removed. It is all black and is about two years old now and can it be removed completely and will it scar and how long do I have to wait until I can get a tattoo done in the same spot.

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Laser Tattoo Removal - Number of Sessions

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Thank you for the question and photo.

The best way to remove a tattoo with minimal chance of scarring is to have Laser tattoo removal. Q switched Nd:YAG lasers, such as the RevLite Laser, are excellent for removing tattoos. The Picosure Laser is also very good.

Multiple treatments are usually necessary and depend on several variables:

    ·Your skin type

    ·Location of tattoo

    ·Amount of ink

    ·Color(s) of ink

    ·Layering of ink

    ·Presence or absence of scar from the tattoo

Seeing a board certified physician experienced in laser tattoo removal should be able to give you an estimate of the total number of treatments needed.

Cost of tattoo removal will depend on the measured size of the tattoo and the total number treatments needed. You might be able to negotiate a package price if you pay in advance up front.

To see what is right for you and to get more information, see two or more licensed physicians in your area for a consultation to have all your questions answered and to get the proper estimates.

I hope this helps.

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Tattoo removal

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This tattoo can be removed completely. With the latest in laser tattoo removal technology, the Picosure from Cynosure, you will get the best results in the shortest amount of time. I would recommend seeking out a physician that has this technology at their disposal, you may of course seek out other opinions of those with experience in this area.

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