Scar Tissue Build Up. Any suggestions?

6 weeks after my rhinoplasty my tip fell overnight. My dr. waited a month to see me, but when she finally did she said the droop was scar tissue (she'd never seen it occur this late). She gave me 5 injections and told me to tape it. Could her delay in giving me injections have caused the situation to worsen? It's been 4 days and my nose is still droopy and far from the initial great results. How likely is it that the nose will remain this way? My dr. doesn't know if it will improve.

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Post op rhinoplasty

it is difficult to answer your question without pre and post of photo comparisons and what was done during surgery. Also it takes at least a year for complete healing to occur after rhinoplasty.

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Scar tissue

It is difficult to assess without any before and after photos.  Your nose will continue to heal in the next few months.  It may be best to wait a year to see the final outcome before considering another surgery.  Good luck!

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Postop rhinoplasty question

Its  difficult to answer this question without reviewing your photos and understanding the details of your surgery.   Your nose typically will change post operatively over months.   It's best to evaluate your nose for up to a year prior to considering any other surgical intervention.  A second procedure may be required to adjust your nasal tip rotation.

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
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Drooping tip

Thank you for the question and though an examination and review of your op note is needed, it is unusual for a tip to drop that early post op
Dr Corbin

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