I had a mole removed from my scalp 8 years ago, and I still feel a periodic dull ache in the area. Why?

I had a mole on my head removed about 8 years ago. It was above and behind my ear, on the right side of my scalp. The mole was about .5 cm round. It was sent for biopsy and came back 'normal'. Since then, I experience a periodic dull ache where the mole was. I asked my doctor about it and she mentioned it could be trigeminal nerve pain, and didn't seem concerned. Any suggestions on why I feel this ache? I feel it periodically... 1-2 x a week. Should I be getting this looked at by a specialist?

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Pain After Mole Removal

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During the removal, a nerve might have been damaged, or the scar in the area might be impinging on a nerve. If your doctor has examined the area and the symptoms are not increasing, the odds are that you are going to have to live with this issue.

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