Is there another way HA filler could be dissolved without using Hyluronidase?

I had an inexperienced doctor injected way too much Juvederm at a wrong place on my chin about 1.5 inch away from where marionette filler is typically added. So that side looks like I'm holding something in my mouth - like a cotton gauze after dentist appointment. The doctor refused to take it out saying it's my buccal fat, despite the fact that it happened right after the injection! Anyways, is there a way this could be removed without Hyluronidase? Can using facial massager remove it naturally?

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Short answer- no.

Hyaluronidase or HYLASE as we call it in Australia is the treatment of choice. It works extremely well and is the standard of care Worldwide for dissolving filler. In exceptions situations (granulomas), excision can be performed. Not in your case. Hyaluronidase is the treatment of choice. It dissolves fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and other HA fillers. 

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Dr Davin S. Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

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Dissolving Hyaluronic Acids

The only way to dissolve this type of filler is with hyaluronidase.  I would consult a board certified dermatologist to examine the area and see what the best course of treatment is for you.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Hyaluronidase is easy fix

I'm sorry to hear this happened to you.  Injectors unfamiliar with Juvederm may not have learned that it gains water and increases in size by about 10% more than what it looks at the end of an injection, by the end of 1 week.  This is particularly noticeable in the chin region.   The volume does not go down, it plateaus there.  Other fillers don't do this.  

However, it is easy to reverse a little overdone Juvederm with a few injections of Hyarluonidase.   I know of no other way to remedy this other than hyaluronidase.  Massage may help, a little, and slowly.  Hyaluronidase is quick and safe.

Marla M. Klein, MD
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Dissolving juvederm

Juvederm can be dissolved with hyaluronidase injections.  Manual extraction can sometimes be used if the filler is superficial.  Get a second opinion from an facial injectable expert.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Hyaluronidase and Filler Injetions to Reverse

You can inject an enzyme to have this removed or have it surgically removed quite easily in the office. I suggest a formal consultation with a facial sculpting expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Is there another way HA filler could be dissolved without using Hyaluronidase (Vitrase)?

Thank you for your Q.

Vitrase is the standard of care for dissolving HA products.

Dr Karamanoukian
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Is there another way HA filler could be dissolved without using Hyluronidase?

Hi, I have performed many facial shaping procedures using dermal fillers or facial implants.  Hyaluronidase is the only way to dissolve HA fillers.  

Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Is there another way HA filler could be dissolved without using Hyluronidase?

Hi and sorry about your problem with Juvederm. Unfortunately, Hyaluronidase is the only material to dissolve Juvederm. However, it is very effective. Good luck!

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS
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Removing HA Filler

Hi Rhea, unfortunately message will not remove facial filler.  Depending on the type of filler injected, they can last from 6 months to about 18 months.  If you do want to get it removed, the best way is Hyaluronidase and the results are usually within a day.  

To see an example of Juvederm reversal in Los Angeles, click on the link below.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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How can HA filler be removed

Hyaluronidase/Vitrase is the only dissolving agent available. Just like filler itself it should only be used in expert hands. So maybe be thankful the doctor who did a bad job with the filler itself didn't also try to "fix" it? That aside, there are a few things to consider. You can try to have a treatment like Venus Freeze or a type of high energy radio frequency done specifically to that area in a concentrated format. When people come with issues with fillers like Radiesse where there is no counter product to inject and remove it, we have tried high energy concentrated treatments to help smooth it down. While this will never be as good as just dissolving it, it will help to smooth it down some and maybe make it look less puffy in that area.

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