What do I need to make my face more feminine? (Photo)

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Facial feminization.

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There are several procedures to feminize your face depending on if you are TG or not. If not you can consider Hailine lowering with brow elevation for your right brow. A rhinoplasty with narrowing of Julie nasal bones and nostrils etc. will also help greatly. I need better photos since these look like your cheeks are fine. See a very experienced facial Femininization  surgeon who does natural work. 

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Don't overdo it

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You look very feminine already, so it is likely that one or two small procedures could help you reach your goal.  First, photos from the side are very helpful in facial analysis.  You have very nice lips, and a lip lift could make your upper lip look larger without looking overfilled.  It could also raise the left of your lip, as it looks a little lower than the right.  Your jaw also looks a little heavy, but I think the angle of the photo is exaggerating that appearance.  Find a surgeon who specializes in facial feminization and schedule a face to face to consult.  It is much easier for us to assess your needs in person, and at the same time we can try to give you a realistic idea of the changes each procedure could make.

Bryan Rolfes, MD
Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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How to feminize more

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There are a few things which would help. First your eyebrows are too close together,your nos needs thinning and fat grafting to the cheek bones...Thats for starters and would make a great difference.

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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