Buccal fat removal and chin surgery? (Photos)

My cheeks appear puffy and round, it gives me a more childish appearance which I'm not happy with. I would like for a more defined face (much preferably with more pronounced cheekbones) and was wondering if buccle fat removal is the most appropriate for me. I was also looking into getting rid of the crease in my chin or make it less noticeable, along with making my chin more pronounced but I'm unsure of what procedure would be best to get rid of it. I appreciate your time and answers :) Thank you!

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Chin augmentation and bucal fat reduction

Great question! This is a very common combined procedure for patients who find that they have "chubby" cheeks. A small chin implant can improve your jawline, while carefully performed buccal fat reduction can help sculpt your lower face to improve the overall contour of your midface/lower face.  Remember that the key in buccal fat surgery is not to remove all of it - this may lead to great results early on, but in the long term, as your face continues to age, it can lead to a gaunt appearance.  Make sure that when you go on your consultations your docs mention these issues such that you know that they have your long term well being in mind.  That being said, you are a great candidate.  Best of luck! 

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Buccal fat reduction and chin augmentation

Thanks for sharing.  You appear to be a great candidate for chin augmentation and buccal fat reduction. These procedures will help define you lower face and giving the illusion of fuller upper cheeks and they can also be filled if needed.  Please consult with us if you are interested in learning more.

Raymond E. Lee, MD
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