I had a breast reduction 6 months ago, and now have redness and hard on right breast should i be concerned?

I first felt hardness and tenderness in right breast in july 2016 and had a mammogram August 16 2016, and it was clear, on August 29 I noticed redness and hardness on the right breast again and it is quite tender to touch as well. I just got my period today Sept 3,2016, not sure if that has anything to do with it. I have been moving a lot of stuff around and using my arms and in the hot weather.

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Redness and Firmness 6 mos. following breast reduction

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Thank you for the question; since it has been some 6 months following your breast reduction surgery, most of the early problems such as hematoma and infection should be past; however, you mentioned moving heavy objects, etc. could you have possible "bruised" your breast?  Occasionally we see areas of "hardness" and tenderness in the reduced breast: also called " fat necrosis" and this could spontaneously appeared or been aggravated by your activity.  I would recommend you see your plastic surgeon, and have him examine the area; he may be able to treat this with antibiotics, and ice/ moist heat in the case of some mild "fat necrosis"; he may also want to image the area with an MRI.  Also the possibility of a fluid collection or hematoma exists.  Definitely would get it checked out.

Southlake Plastic Surgeon

6 month post breast reduction

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Hi and thank you for your question.I apologize, it's not clear to me from your narrative, did the redness go away in between at some time, or has this been going on continuously since July? Has this improved at all?  In any event, you need to be looked at by your plastic surgeon so they can make sure there is not a fluid collection/abscess.Best wishes

Leilie Javan, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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