Are there any benefits of submuscular BA for athletes?

I am an athlete and am battling the idea of submuscular placement. I've noticed in the majority in pics that this procedure seems popular. I am looking for quick healing, full tear drop look of a large C or small D cup from a large A cup. I know my doctor will assist but I get the impression there are many sides and opinions to this. I suppose I need to know how as an athlete this would or wouldn't benefit me?1

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Are there any benefits of submuscular BA for athletes?

I prefer submuscular implants for three reasons. The first is that they look more natural and not the "softball on the chest" look with too much fullness on top and a natural smooth slope on the upper chest.

The second reason is there is less interference with mammograms as only ~7% of the breast tissue is hidden when the implant is under the muscle and up to  25% can be obscured when the implant is on top of the muscle. All mammographers know how to do additional views to see more of the breast tissue which should be performed regardless of where the implant is placed.

The last reason is there is less of a chance of capsular contracture or hardening of the implants by scar tissue squeezing the implant when they are below the muscle.

The draw back is there is a couple week longer recovery since the muscle is partially released and there may be some compression when you are lifting or flexing the pectoralis muscle. I feel that a couple extra weeks of recovery early is worth the lifelong gain and more natural result when the implant is placed below the muscle. 

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Benefits of sub-muscular breast augmentation for athletes

The benefits of sub-muscular breast augmentation for athletes are the same as those for all women.  The main benefits are less chance of capsular contraction, less visibility of the implant, and in many cases a more natural look.

While some weightlifters notice movement of the implant during bench pressing most athletes engaged in running, swimming, aerobics, spin, yoga and other activities in my experience are not bothered by animation.

If possible I always prefer a sub-muscular location especially for Young, TRAM athletic individuals.  Thin fit people who have breast implants placed beneath the gland often risk more visibility of the edge of the implant.


Most surgeons prefer submuscular placement for a number of reasons, including less likelihood of capsular contracture, and more natural appearance at rest. 

Going from an A to a D, as is your goal, would look quite unnatural with above the muscle placement. I suspect that will be your surgeons suggestion.

All the best. 

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