Can I achieve a full natural feeling breasts with Saline above the muscle? (photos)

I understand that this question can only be definitively answered with an in-person consultation, however I live over three hours away from Toronto and would like some information before booking. I'm 145lbs, 5'4 and have breastfed my children for a combine 4 years. My breasts lack volume and have stretch marks. Would I be a good candidate for Saline implants (or the newer IDEAL implant) above the muscle? I would like a natural feel and to achieve a look like the photos.

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Ideal Implants

Yes I think you would get a great result from implants placed just beneath the breast (above the muscle). You might get close to the earlier set of photos. You will NOT get the result of the last photo which shows a woman with tight non-ptotic breasts (and who probably has not had children). 

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Natural feeling

Thanks for the question and photos.  I suggest you consider a dual-plane approach (top half of the implant under the muscle), but if you are set on saline above the muscle, I definitely suggest the IDEAL implant.  While not quite as soft as a cohesive gel implant, it is a big improvement over traditional saline implants.  It will also have significantly less rippling than a traditional saline implant.

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Can I achieve a full natural feeling breasts with Saline above the muscle?

Thank you for your question and the photos. If you are seeking a natural look and feel, based on your photos, in my experience you will get a more natural result with the implant placed under the muscle as it hides the implant edges and uses the natural breast tissue coverage.  There are many advantages to the IDEAL implant as you have no doubt researched.  They offer the look and feel of silicone gel implants without the concern of a silent rupture.  In addition, in our office we are still able to offer a transaxillary approach for IDEAL implants which leaves no scar on the breast itself, but rather a very tiny incision beneath the armpit. See a board certified plastic surgeon who offers a range of implant options, including the IDEAL implant, to discuss which option might be best for you. Best of luck to you.  

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Can I achieve a full natural feeling breasts with Saline above the muscle?

Thank you for your question.  If you're looking for a natural result, the implants should be placed under the muscle in a dual plane.  The muscle provides a gradual slope superiorly over the implant, reducing visibility of the implant edges.  If you're looking to get a saline implant, the Ideal Implant would be the most natural feeling saline implant and would be an excellent overall option.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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Breast implant pocket

Thanks for your question- I unfortunately need to agree with you that you are unlikely to get a reliable answer without an in-person consultation and exam.  For the most part, however, saline implants are rarely put over the muscle because of the higher rate of contracture and the propensity for drooping over time.  The Ideal implant may be an option for you but this will depend on your exam and your sizing wishes.  Many of the photos that you show have very different body types than yours, and so I don't thing that is a great way to plan on a result.  You will be much better off making the trip, visiting with several different surgeons during your visit to town, and discussing realistic goals and the operations/implants that can get you there.Best wishes, Dr. L

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