6 mini dental implants for lower jaw?

had all teeth removed 4mnths ago.saw video that a dentist put out on internet it took him 10 minutes for him to install and put other part of implant into denture.i have a really bad gag reflex problem.my dentist did shave down upper plate as much as he could,but i a m still gagging bad.can 6 or 8 mini impl. on upper.for half hour job what would the cost be.i live on a small wsib pension in Ontario.paid $6000 already

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Snapindentures or ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL BIOCARE.

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You can certainly can find a solution with this 2 procedures, 

the first one is SNAPINDENTURES, with 8 mini implants, uppers or lowers you can have snap indentures, you will have a strong long term solution , snapindetures.dental , the most affordable solution, in implant dentistry.and forget about the gagging problem, they do not touch the palate, there is no roof of the palate. 

the other solution, which is screw retained, in ALL ON4, BY NOBEL BIOCARE, you will have a strong solution, and you do not need to take them out, you should check what many americans are doing, traveling abroad for dental tourism.to get up to 60 % below the prices, with same quality and materials.  

Mini implants for lower jaw

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Placing 6-8 mini implants in the lower jaw does not take a lot of time so we do have a advantage in someone who is gagging too much but this treatment may not last you forever.  Mini implants are thin narrow implants and may fracture over time.  I don't think that this is a good long term plan. 

Tarun Giroti, MDS
India Dentist

6 or 8 mini dental implants for lower jaw?

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Sounds like you are asking about implants for your upper jaw to eliminate the palatal portion of your denture which is probably what is making you gag.  Mini implants will be less expensive up front, but may not give you the longevity that you would get with regular implants.  By eliminating the palatal  portion of the denture, you will be adding much more force and stress to the implants.  If the mini implants fail prematurely, the money you save now may not feel like a bargain then.  Do your due diligence now and investigate both alternatives.  

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