I'm a 38G and want a Reduction to around a C, can I lose the weight AFTER surgery?

I weigh around 210 pounds at 5'2 and i am intending to lose weight. What i see on this site is you all recommending losing the weight BEFORE surgery. While i understand the reasoning, its also a little rediculous. Part of the reason i need the reduction is because i cant work out with these massive tits in my face flopping around, causing back pain and breathing issues. So are you saying its hopeless?

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Losing weight after Surgery

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Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. It is certainly not "hopeless" in your situation. Generally it is best to lose weight before surgery, however some patients receive surgery before losing weight to be able to perform daily activities. I suggest consulting with a board certified surgeon who can offer you specific medical advice based on your situation. I wish you the best of luck!

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Breast reduction and weight concerns…

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Thank you for the question. No, your situation is certainly not "hopeless".  The advice you receive care is based on limited information and is meant to provide you with general advice/thoughts in regards to the ideal way to proceed, in any given situation.

 Sometimes, patients who are overweight benefit from breast reduction surgery. As you stated, these patients are then able to continue their work out regimen with less difficulty. Of course, patients who undergo breast surgery while overweight need to understand the surgery itself is riskier (peri-operative complications) and the outcome may not be the same quality of an outcome. As you have read previously, the potential need for revisionary surgery is greater in these cases as well.

 Again, certainly not hopeless but much to think about (careful consideration of risk/benefits).  Best wishes.

Can't Lose Weight First

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Thank you for your question.  There's no doubt you will get a better result if you lose weight first but its not easy.  First, you should have a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  A great consult will help you find some motivation to work that last bit harder before your surgery.  Second, you need to see someone who can help you with your weight concerns.  Sometimes you just cant do it yourself.  Whether its diet, exercise, hormone changes, thyroid problems or just deciding a weight loss procedure is what you need, you will be healthier because of it.  Last, there's not a rule.  There is no question any plastic surgeon would prefer you to be closer to your goal weight, but exceptions exist.  Occasionally your reduction can be an earlier step if you are realistic about your expectations.  

Best, Dr. Schwartz

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