Breast Implants in Canada Vs Dominican Republic is There a Difference?

I live in Canada. Want to get implants in DR. My PS told me she has concerns. DR implants are $1700. Canada cost is $8500 this price of two implants alone are $4000. So my question is are the quality of implants in DR not the same standard as the ones in Canada? I am scared that there may be manufactured cheaply and there may be problems like leakage etc. Can someone tell me what types or manufacture names so that I can do my research? Are they gel or silicone? Whats the difference?

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Personally I feel it is a mistake to travel out of the country to have surgery.  What will you do if you have a complication?  You may have trouble finding a physician in your native country who will take care of you.

There are 3 implant companies approved in Canada and USA.  Their names are Allergan, Mentor and Sientra. I am not aware of what implants are available in DR.

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