Online Program to View my Nose from the Front?

My friend suggested I edit my nose before talking to a doctor about what I wanted because I had trouble explaining it even to her But I cant find one that does a front view? I wanted to show my family to get an opinion before talking to a doctor to make sure I wanted it but I need help finding a site Also do some doctors let you send in pictures and edit them for you?? I feel like theyd do alot better at editing then I would

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Online Program for Altering Nose

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    If you google this, there are several online programs that will let you sample the software.  Also, several surgeons have the software on their website.  As far as what is realistic, you would have to get a consultation.

Nose Imaging

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I will be happy to image your nose for you via my Unifiles program at the time of complementary consultation. Your home is a short distance up I75 from my office. It is not customary to make permanent copies of imaged photos as this may be considered an implied result.

Best wishes

Front nose imaging

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really hard to figure changes from a from view. easier to take lateral and oblique views, from both sides. it is fundamental in your case to see how a plastic surgeon will make changes to your profile and oblique photos, to prepare your self to the new line and shape,advised in your personal case, in consideration of your proportions. of course you must express your opinion if you do like or not the advised changes. it is your nose,so you must be happy and self conscious of the changes which will occur in your face.but you must take the final decision and be sure of what you really want. more than ask your family, you must ask yourself......

Alberto Di Giuseppe, MBBS
London Plastic Surgeon

VECTRA imaging system

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It is very wise that you would like to know what you can expect postoperatively after rhinoplasty (or any procedure). These types of simulation programs are an excellent communication tool between the patient and surgeon. We use a powerful 3-D simulation system called VECTRA to model the changes to your nose before rhinoplasty. This uses a special 3-D cameras to look at you from all angles. This can be a very time consuming process but is well worth it and much better than simply bringing in pictures of noses you like. After all, you are looking for the perfect nose for you, not someone elses. There are no consumer programs which do this effectively, which is probably a good thing-- you need to have an experienced surgeon who knows that the computer changes he or she makes can reasonably be made on the real person and what effect that will have on breathing as well.

Andrew Rosenthal, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Frontal Rhinoplasty Imaging

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Imaging a nose from the frontal view is much harder than the side view in terms of knowing what can realistically be done. There are no apps or consumer software available to do that in any meaningful way. The frontal view of a rhinoplasty imaging 'discussion' is best done by a plastic surgeon and often takes a few back and forths to get a realistic plan for how to approach it.

Simulation in rhinoplasty

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We feel strongly that simulation is an important communication tool in planning rhinoplasty which allows you to 'try out' changes, and avoid surprises. With the proper software, a sugeon can modify your photos though we work best on our own because we like a 'true' picture, no smile and even lighting. I don't know of an App yet that you can use, but if you have photos for us to see send them to our link and we can give it go for you.

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