What could be done to fix my eyes? (Photos)

I'm constantly self conscious about by eyes due to my negative canthal tilt, sclera show and asymmetry. Can anything be done to fix these issues?

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What could be done to fix my eyes?


Thank you for your question,  cosmetic eyelid surgery can be done to improve your asymmetry and give you better looking results.

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Almond eye surgery for negative canthal tilt and scleral show

Yes, cosmetic eyelid surgery may be done to improve the aesthetic appearance of your eyes, namely almond eye surgery. See following link for more details. It requires consultation to determine your eligibility.

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Changing the shape of your eyes

You are right in your assessment of your eyes; you have a negative canthal tilt (outer aspects of your eyes tilting downward), scleral show (excess whites of your eyes showing) with some asymmetry.

A lateral canthopexy that takes the outer corner of your eye (lateral canthus) and secures it in a higher position on the bone of your eye socket will help to correct this tilt in your eyes and also lift the position of your lower eyelids to conceal more of the sclera of your eyes. Some of the asymmetry could be corrected with a differential pexy to create greater lift on your left.

You could expect a noticeable difference in the shape of your eyes and I wish you all the best in achieving a really nice result with this.

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