How much time usually needed to notice improvement after starting accutane?

I am 32 years old, 46 kg female who have been suffering extremely oily skin for more than 20 yrs but no acne at present. Finally i decided to discuss it with a dermatologist and she prescribed for me Roaccutane 10mg daily. Today is day 11 and still can't see any reduction in sebum. How much time needed before deciding about upgrading the dose?

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Accutane and expectations

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Thank you for your question. Any acne treatments take a few weeks before any results are noticeable due to the nature and pathophysiology of acne and the skin. In my experience, it takes at least 6-8 weeks of therapy to start to notice any improvement with acne. I highly recommend you consult with your prescribing dermatologist regarding your treatment, expectations, dosing, etc. Take care and good luck.

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