Why I Have Pain Under my Crown I Need to Change It Because It Look Different from Other Teeth? (photo)

Which type of crown not cause this type of black layer of gum

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before even considering replacing the veneer, an examination is necessary. You gum looks  swollen, you need to see a periodontist to check it properly.

Pain under crown

it looks like there are some gum inflammation from plaque or calculus and you would need an examination.   you might need periodontal  and endodontic treatment.

Mike Golpa, DDS
Las Vegas Dentist
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Why I Have Pain Under my Crown I Need to Change It Because It Look Different from Other Teeth?

Did the gum look like this when the crown was cemented?  Have your dentist look at it ............

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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What Is the Darkness Around My Crown

First of all, it appears you have a veneer on your upper right central incisor, not a crown.  Second, your gums are extremely inflamed, have much tartar (calculus) around them....you have a considerable gum infection around the veneer.  Do you notice how puffy they are?  Aren't they tender to touch or floss?  I'll bet that they bleed easily when you do brush them?

Before you consider replacing the veneer, either with a new veneer or porcelain crown, you should get your gum infection resolved.  Go to your dentist, have your teeth cleaned and the dental hygienist will help you learn how to better take care of your gums so that the gum infection will resolve and your won't have to have the same thing happen with a new dental restoration (porcelain veneer or crown).

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Pain Under Crown that Looks Different from Other Teeth

From your photos, it appears to be an infection on the gum tissue above the crown. See a dentist ASAP to diagnose and treat.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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