Why Does My Child Have This Problem Even Though I Take Care of His Teeth Brushing Daily?

His age three years and half

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Rampant Dental Caries

Rampant dental caries (or rapidly advancing cavities)  is a serious disease that comes from bacteria on the teeth and food feeding those germs for too long a time each day. If this is the case, then the brushing started too late to save the teeth from destruction. Generally there is a feeding habit that causes this...food in the mouth all day. Bottles in the mouth all day can be the cause. The teeth are dissolved by the acid produced by the germs. Once a cavity starts, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible by a dentist because no cavity will stop growing...they all continue until it is too late to do anything but pull a tooth or do a crown or root canal. Prevention is the best treatment...of course. See your dentist every six months to do this....nothing is better!

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Three Year Old Child has Dental Decay....why?

It is clear your child has dental decay on his front teeth.  Most commonly it is caused by inadequate oral hygiene (tooth brushing and flossing) that does not remove the plaque.  Then the plaque gets fed each and every time your child has anything with sugar, and the plaque produces acid for 20-60 minutes each time sugar is ingested.  The acid produced then decalcifies the tooth, which then gets larger and deeper over time, finally producing the large areas of decay you show in your photo.

This is also a common result from parents who put their child to bed with a bottle full of milk.  This causes a more rampant type of decay called "baby bottle syndrome" or "baby bottle decay".  The milk essentially sits in the mouth all night and the bacteria in the plaque produce acid the entire night.  When finally discovered and treated it is often too late, requiring more than fillings and sometimes baby caps, baby root canals and even extraction of the severely decayed tooth.

Strongly suggest you take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Good luck,

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Nutrition could be one of the causes

Nutrition plays such an important role in oral health that sometimes we do not address it adequately. It could also happen with sleeping with bottled milk . You need to see dentist ASAP to address the situation appropriately.  Child might need extensive treatment under sedation.

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Early Childhood Decay

While brushing is helpful, eating habits are more important in the decay process. Is a child is drinking milk or juice at bedtime, the effects are particularly destructive. From the appearance of your photo, that would be where I would look first.

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Why Does My Child Have This Problem Even Though I Take Care of His Teeth Brushing Daily?

Your child has severe decay.  Get him to a dentist ASAP..............................................

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