Is compression garment mandatory 2 weeks post liposuction with laser assistance?

I have had laser assisted liposuction over the full back, outer thighs, abdomen and flanks with fat injection in the hips 2 weeks ago.?I wore the compression garment with the foam for 24 hrs. I can safely say that the sweeping has come down by 80%. 3 days ago I stopped wearing it at night but wore it all day non stop. Is it ok to keep doing the same? LI had the normal liposuction with tummy tuck exactly a year ago with another PS and had ugly lipo results hence I had the lipo injections now

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Yes you should probably wear it at least a month.  Compression does improve results and prevents problems.  The longer the better.  Don't forget massage and exercise.

Post-Op Compression Garments

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It’s important to wear your compression garments as instructed by your surgeon. Compression garments do help with swelling, but they are also important for maximizing the results of your laser liposuction treatment. Consult with your surgeon before making any changes to your recovery routine.

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