Surgery 8 weeks ago tomorrow; still have swelling and a 'sticky' feeling?

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 8 weeks ago tomorrow Still have slight swelling Issue that bothering me is my eyes feel "sticky" Constantly Kind of like gluey I use refrigerated drops regularly and it helps for awhile Also area under seems to be more tender now than initially Are these complaints you've heard before Any suggestions

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I'd recommend that you see an ophthalmologist too...

Hi there.  Greetings from the UK! Although it's not uncommon to have some mild subconjunctival oedema (chemosis) still at 8 weeks post op following 4 lid blepharolasty which may present with similar symptoms, your ocular irritation indeed may be due to exposure problems of the ocular surface. If it persists I'd certainly recommend seeing an oculoplastic surgeon and at the very least an ophthalmologist who'll be able to assess the health of the ocular surface. In the meantime I'd recommend that you try to optimise the lubrication of the ocular surface and use a decent hyalauronate based lubricant. Your ophthalmologist would be able to advise you directly about this. Best wishes. David

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What your describing may be chronic dry eye related to a subtle motor nerve weakness that is common after eyelid surgery.

Generally this disfunction does improve as you recover from eyelid surgery.  If your surgeon is not also board certified in ophthalmology, it may be helpful to be assessed by a cornea specialist or an oculoplastic surgeon.  Generally understand the artificial tear drops only last about 30-40 minutes.  When the eyes are unhappy like this, we sometime recommend the use of drops every 1 hour while awake and the use of a bland ophthalmic ointment at bedtime.  If you are still using a medicated eye drop, some of these are directly irritating to the eye surface and could contribute to your symptoms.

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