Procedures to beautify an asymmetric face? (Photo)

When I see pictures of myself it is clear to me something is off about my face. In a professional opinion, what procedure or procedures would be best to enhance my facial beauty, without breaking the bank?

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Fillers for facial asymmetry

This is a very common question and concern.  Many individuals have some degree of facial asymmetry, but severity is quite variable.  There are several options to help treat the asymmetry including surgical implants,, fat transfer, and HA fillers.  Because of your age and relatively modest changes needed, I would recommend facial fillers to help with cheek volume, lip volume, and possibly others depending on a more detailed examination.  The effect of this in the cheek can last up to 2 years (less for the lips).  It is important to remember that this will not address the underlying skeletal asymmetry, but can help disguise the soft tissue in certain, key areas.  Best of luck.

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