Can overuse of the pectoralis major 2 wks after submuscular breast implants & breast lift prevent implant from dropping? (Photo)

I'm 67 & 4 wks ago had bilateral submuscular implant exchange with 350 cc textured silicone filled implants & bilateral vertical mastopexy. I pulled some weeds & pruned a large bush 2 wks after my surgery. My right breast is higher than the left & very rounded above the nipple. I spoke with my Dr.'s nurse today, & she is concerned that I may have overdone it. She said that it's possible for an implant not to drop if the pectoral muscle is overworked too soon after surgery. Is this true?

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Can overuse of pectoralis muscle prevent breast implant from dropping

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In my experience pectoralis muscle contraction encourages implant dropping.  Of course you do not want to overdo muscle contractions  for fear of irritating the muscle.  However in my opinion and he pectoralis muscle activity should encourage dropping of your implant and not prevent it.

Over Use Of Pectoral Muscle?

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Thank you for your question and picture!  I agree it looks like a its taking a little more time to settle because of over using that muscle.  Keep in touch with your plastic surgeon and follow all of his post care! Best of luck!

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Over use of pectoral muscle after breast augmentation

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I would suspect that your implant not dropping on the R hand side goes along with being R handed and using that side more.
My experience is that muscle spasm after surgery will keep the implant high as it is working against gravity.
I would follow your surgeon's advice - and avoid gardening for now.

Can overuse of the pectoralis major 2 wks after submuscular breast implants & breast lift prevent implant from dropping?

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Thank you for the question. I would tend to agree with your nurse; in my opinion, excessive contraction of the pectoralis major muscle may delay “settling” of the breast implants after breast augmentation surgery. Consider decreasing your “work” with your pectoralis major muscle and follow-up with your plastic surgeon for best advice/recommendations. Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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