Implant or bridge general questions?

Alright so! I just had my tooth extracted recently I know I have to wait about 3 months no less to get either a bridge or implant. I also would want to know how long am I looking at with a Implant, Also how long if I tried to get a bridge. I also want to know with my first appointment what would be my first step would the implant be placed? Also do they do Payment plans since my insurance will only cover some of it.

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Implant your best solution always

implant is your best solution due to you do not have to grind the teeth beside, 
now the best way to go is a 2 stage implant, first stage, just place the implant, and let it heal, and after 3 months at least, you can place the abutment and crown. 
if you are looking for affordable prices, dental tourism is your best solution.

Implant procedure

there r two types of implants
1. single stage
in single stage implant u will get implant and crown within 15 days.
2. two stage
in two stage implant first stage is implant placement and second stage is crown delivery [after 3 months] so total time will be around 3 months+

if u want to save money, dental tourism is best option for u , u will save around 70% of total treatment costing with same quality treatment as compare to yr home country.

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