What will happen to under the breast scars from implants if you gain weight or if your breasts grow?

Would they appear much higher & be more noticeable?

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What will happen to under the breast scars from implants if you gain weight or if your breasts grow?

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Scars do not move. Implants can move, however, but once healing is complete your new crease position and the scars' positions relative to the creases are "set."

So if you gain weight, your breasts will enlarge, and if the weight gain is significant or if you breast feed, for example, the breast skin will stretch and the crease position may change somewhat. Since the scars are permanent, they will not "go up," even with breast size increase, but what you are concerned about occurs when implants drop. "Final" implant position after breast augmentation is not achieved for up to a year, and scars that were placed initially in the inframammary creases, will usually appear "higher" since the crease position stretches with the volume increase caused by the placement of implants. The bigger the implants, the bigger the apparent "raising up" of the incision placement.

Thus, I believe it is incumbent upon the plastic surgeon to choose an initial incision position that will account for this phenomenon. Perfectly-placed incisions should end up in the creases, or only very slightly above the creases. The surgeon should realize that gravity works on 100% of patients, and take this into account.

Plus, it's a good idea not to get fat, or breast feed for more than a year! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Breast scars do not move with weight gain or breast growth. The tissues around them just get bigger and thicker. If you have implants, and the implant were to ever displace upward such as with capsular contracture your scar may become visable, not becauseĀ  the scar moved but because the implant moved.

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