Eyelid repair with ODS? Wanting to restore as much appearance as possible (Photos)

I was diagnosed with Graves in 07/14, &TED in 09/14. I had total thyroidectomy in 12/14 and was told by my ophthalmologist that I'm no longer in active phase and can consider eyelid repair. I still feel that I have bulging eye, especially my right eye, but my doc told me ODS is not the best choice because it can create double vision after surgery. He's the only oculoplastic surgeon in my city so it's hard to get 2nd opinion. I am willing to travel to a diff state if needed for surgery.

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Cosmetic orbital decompression

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Not all surgeons are comfortable with decompression for purely cosmetic reasons. Eyelid surgery would improve your appearance, but I suspect decompression would have a better chance of restoring your appearance to the way you looked before TED.Obviously making that decision requires an examination. orbital imaging, and reviewing your old photos.Current techniques of orbital decompression are far safer than in the past, but there are still uncommon but significant risks including double vision and very rarely loss of vision. But the risk varies depending on your orbital disease and the experience and skill of your surgeon. Definitely you need to find someone who is comfortable with orbital decompression and performs it regularly.

Edison Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Have you been assessed by Dr. Gigantelli at the Nebraska Medical Center?

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Orbital decompression is generally the first step in rehabilitation the orbit, not eyelid surgery.  Yes there is a small risk of double vision after orbital decompression but it can be managed should it occur and the ultimate result of orbital rehabilitation is well worth it.  If you have seen him and he does not recommend surgery, consider getting a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  If you are willing to travel, Robert Goldberg at UCLA or Michael Kazim in New York are very experiences clinicians offering this type of care.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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