If I get burning from rubbing my eyes from using Latisse, should I just stop?

I have been using Latisse for a month: only 1 drop for both eyes every nigh. I am not having major problems, but have found that sometimes after a long day on the computer when I rub my eyes, I feel burning that I never felt before. It's almost like a sunburn feeling coming from within or to the side of my eye. It's simple enough not to rub my eyes, but I am wondering if I should just stop Latisse. I stopped it a few days ago and the symptoms are already getting better.

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Burning from rubbing eyes

Hi Barb in Omaha,

Our office usually recommends using Latisse at night.  The theory is that the product would migrate to your lower lashes.  We also do advise our patients to cleanse their face in the morning with a non-comedogenic cleanser just to make sure the product does not sit on your skin throughout the day.  If the purpose of the product to be used at night is to have the product migrate to your lower lashes, we would also advise that you cleanse your face during the day.  Since you stopped using Latisse, hopefully should you decide to continue again with your regime, this information would help.

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