Can breast implant (under the breast) scars be faded almost entirely if scar remedies are used as soon as possible?

The potential of having a visable scar post op really concerns me. I don't want anyone knowing I had this procedure done. I already have a decent amount of breast tissue & I want the smallest silicone implants possible.

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Scar Concern After Breast Augmentation

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#Scar maturation products such as BioCorneum or Embrace, to name a few, may be helpful. As long as if its a minimum of a few weeks following your surgery. Speak to your surgeon about any healing concerns and if the use of scar management products, or, laser treatment would be best for you.


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Scar products and no tanning can help give nice scars. However, there will still be a scar. A periareolar incision, around the areola, will leave the least noticeable scar since it is at the color change. If you do not want scars, you might consider a fat transfer. Fat transfers, however, do have limitations.

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The most important factor in determining the quality of your scars is your own body ability to heal, genetics, and this can not be changed. In general, the darker your skin tone is, the more chances your scar will be more noticeable.
The second most important factor in obtaining the best possible scar, is the skills of your surgeon, using proper techniques to approximate the wound edges.
Using massage, creams,  gels, tape, vacuum devices, etc, are helpful and should be started as soon as possible and be directed by your surgeon.
The most important factor in obtaining a good result from your cosmetic surgery is the surgeon you elect to perform it, be sure you seek the help of a board certified surgeon (ABPS) preferably a member of the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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