Am I a candidate for Invisalign? (photos)

I have been told different things from 3 different orthodontists. I really want to do Invisalign. One said I would need extraction then 1 year with Invisalign and acceledent . One said, braces only 12 months with acceledent. The last one said he doesn't recommend acceledent or extraction and 18-24 months with braces only. Is there any chance of Invisalign? I've heard it doesn't fix your horizontal bite? What does that mean? The doctors feel I wouldn't be happy with the end result of Invisalign? Why?

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Invisalign not the right choice

You will need extractions and 18 months of braces.  With out extractions you will end up with horsey looking teeth that stick out to far in front of the lower.  Search this web site for "teeth stick out after braces" or "teeth slant out after braces"  or "not happy after braces" and you will see many cases where the teeth are "straight" or aligned but stick out our lean out to far.  Many of them start with teeth that look similar to yours.   (crowded and slightly tipped back)

Expansion will not solve your problem, and the lower arch can not be expanded.

Invisalign will give you some improvement but will be a compromise

Your case is actually difficult to do well because of the midline shift and the excessive crowding on the one side.

You have beautiful teeth and a big smile.  That means if it is done right, you will have a spectacular smile.   If not done right, every little imperfection will be noticeable and without extractions, the teeth will relapse unless you wear a retainer daily for the rest of your life.

There is one best treatment plan, different treatment plans have different results.  

Find the best orthodontist in your city and get clear braces.  Call 3 or 4 oral surgeons (not dentists) and ask them "who is the best orthodontist to manage a complex extraction case?"  Any orthodontist who who gets mentioned by more than one oral surgeon would be the person to see.

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Invisalign and acceleration or Invisalign alone

I think you could be an excellent Invisalign case.  I would broaden your smile by expanding your constricted upper premolars. Patients really like this broader smile appearance and this will align your teeth in better occlusion as well.  Once the upper posterior teeth are expanded, the lower posterior teeth will also be able to be expanded and the lower crowding can be corrected.  I have treated cases just like yours with Invisalign in about 12 months. With Propel acceleration, you could be finished in 6 to 8 months.  Go and visit another orthodontist or general dentist who does a lot of Invisalign and I feel you will get a different answer than you got from the first three doctors.

You are going to have a great smile!

All orthodontists are right

paths are different but goal is same

doc1 - upper right first premolar extraction with invisalign.

doc2 - IPR in upper arch [no extraction]

doc 3 - braces [ for eg damon braces] > no extraction no IPR needed.

but normally midline shieft is common in yr kind of cases. so if u want to correct that best option is non extraction.

but its difficult to say anything without seeing all records.

just tell orthodontist to correct upper midline and set lower midline with upper midline.  u can afford expansion also.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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