Is thigh pain normal after an abdominoplasty? What could be the cause? (Photo)

Hello! From the moment I woke up from my surgery until now (day 2) my greatest discomfort has been in my left outer thigh. The skin there is partially numb but when I extend that leg or walk, I have fairly severe sharp, burning pain running down the side of it. I can't think of why this would be? Is it nerve damage? I asked my nurse this morning and she said she'd ask the doctor but I never heard back and now they're gone for the weekend. This pain is usual and weighing on me/making me nervous.

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Is thigh pain normal after an abdominoplasty? What could be the cause?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues.  Thigh pain is not a routine complaint after a tummy tuck surgery and based on your narrative you may have a condition termed meralgia paresthetica where a nerve has become irritated causing your current symptoms.  Ask to be evaluated by your surgeon for this condition so that treatment can be recommended.  Best wishes.

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Ilioinguinal nerve pain

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Sounds like ilioinguinal nerve entrapment pain.  Nerve blocks can be made permanent you should see a pain specialist who may be able to obliterate the nerve pain.

Is thigh pain normal after an abdominoplasty? = as the plastic surgeon that performed the operation

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Patients with questions and concern about their tummy tuck  should contact the plastic surgeon that performed the procedure to address these concerns and determine if there is need any need of management

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