Recently needed the crowns on my front teeth replaced. Will be adding a veneer to each side. Are they too white? (Photos)

If the color of these temps are indeed the color , even with the added veneers on each side, Are they too white? Afraid will just bring attention to my big teeth ( that I have always been self-conscious about ) can't afford additional veneers . Am 59 years old ( if that makes any difference )

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Temporary crowns often NOT the same as final color

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Since temporary crowns are....  temporary.... there aren't as many color options as final porcelains.  Sometimes they match very well, but not always.  However, matching restorations next to natural teeth in a smile zone is often difficult.  One of the hardest things in dentistry is restoring a single front tooth.  Doing 4 is less challenging, but still a challenge.

For best results, ALL restorations should be made by the lab at the same time.  If not, a perfect match is not likely.

Crown and Veneer, Do they make teeth look too big?

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When doing four teeth you have the ability to correct size issues and create a more pleasing alignment.  Probably just as important as color.  You can go whiter if you include additional teeth otherwise you don't want to big a color difference because when you smile you see 10 teeth and if 4 are much whiter it doesn't look natural.

There is an art to cosmetic dentistry.

Veneer Shade

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Though it's a little difficult to tell from the photos, in general I have 2 comments on your situation. First, any time I treat front teeth, I recommend whitening to start. The veneers would then match your whiter teeth. The other comment is that whether it's 2 or 4 veneers, what makes them blend in with your other teeth is the artistic quality of them. They need to match the translucency and various shading and texture of the non- veneered teeth. That's what also determines how natural your smile will look. 


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Thanks for posting the pictures. Normally temps are not the exact color of the final restorations. I think there is more that can be done with the shape of your front teeth to improve the symmetry and make them less protruding. I would suggest sharing your concerns with your dentist. Adding veneers is one way to improve the situation but your dentist should be able to make the crowns match your natural teeth much better than your temps are. I would suggest wearing the crowns with temporary cement for a period of time before they are permanently placed. If changes need to be made they can easily be removed and adjusted. If you place them permanently you will have no recourse or room to change if you have concerns. I suggest erring on the side of caution, it may add an additional appointment but you will be sure about your decision. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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