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Is Cohesive and Gummy Bear the same thing ??

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Is Cohesive or Gummy Bear the Same?

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This is a great question.  The term Gummy Bear was invented when the silicone implants became cohesive gel implants.  Then they developed a more Highly Cohesive gel implant that was anatomically shaped, or tear-drop shaped.  The gummy bear term has been used by multiple companies but generally I think people consider it in reference to the more highly cohesive shaped implants.  Remember, however, that the smooth round silicone implants are also a cohesive silicone gel too.  

Diferences: the more highly cohesive are shaped, textured.  Theres some risk of improper positioning, they also tend to be more firm which some patients dislike.  Depending on the patient a shaped implant might be a better choice, while most others can get equally good results with smooth round implants.  Try to get a feel of both types.  Both can provide excellent results.  Best wishes!

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