Would I benefit from a periareolar lift or just implants? (photos)

I have consulted 3 PS now, with one more on my radar- I've been given 3 opinions- I'm 5'5", 150# and would like to restore my breast after BF 2 babies! I want a very natural look- I'm currently an empty C and would mostly like to improve my upper pole fullness! I would like to know if I could benefit from a periareolar lift or if implants would simply be enough! Thanks in advance for yalls opinions and time

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Would I benefit from a periareolar lift or just implants?

Thanks for the photos.  I really appreciate the photo of your chest before babies.  I remember sitting in the birth preparation class with my husband and hearing over and over again from the instructors that "breast feeding will not ruin your breasts."  What a lie!  Oh well, those little cuties are worth it and they keep us plastic surgeons in business.
Given your current and desired result photos, I would advise just going with implants and seeing how everything settles.  If a lift is desired after 3 or 6 months, it can be done. 

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When in the gray zone for whether a lift is needed

it is always my recommendation to my patients that they just have the augmentation first and see if it produces a result that is good enough for them.  So far, just a handful of office mastopexies have been done following this advice.  In addition to saving you considerable sums from delaying your decision about mastopexy, you really get a chance to see what implants alone will do.  And if you're wanting the bigger side, you probably won't be needing a mastopexy.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Would I benefit from a periareolar lift or just implants?

That you for your question.
An in person examination is needed for the most specific answer, but based on your photos it appears that you would do well with implants alone. 
I also think that your wish picture is a reasonable expectation.
Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

Austin Hayes, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Periareolar lift

Thank you for your question and for your picture. You have a nice shape to your breasts and I believe that you can achieve a beautiful result with upper pole fullness with an implant alone. The periareolar lift will  not do much "lifting" in this case. Also the scar from a periareolar lift tends to widen over time so I try to avoid using it. You can always go back and have a standard lift if you are not completely satisfied with the breast augmentation alone. Best of luck.

Joseph G. Bauer, MD, FACS
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Peri- areolar lift vs. implants

Unfortunately a peri- areolar alone will not do much to significantly lift or change the shape of your breast much.  It also produces more of a flat projection.  The vertical scar (lollipop scar) lift and inverted T (anchor scar) lift are much more powerful lifts and can lift and change your breast shape more significantly.  The scars are longer for those lifts and it's something you will have to accept if you want the most optimal shape in a lift.  If you are trying to choose between the peri- areolar lift vs. an implant, the implant will give you more lift.  The peri- areolar lift alone will also not increase your volume or give you much cleavage or upper pole fullness.  If you do the peri- areolar lift with the implant, you can get better shape, less droopy nipple and more perkiness, upper pole fullness and cleavage.  Doing a vertical lift with implants will give you maximum perkiness (but at the expense of longer scars).  If you are looking for a more natural look, then probably implants alone may be adequate (especially if you go larger and with a higher profile implant).  A peri- areolar lift with implants will just give you a little more perkiness, and if done properly the scars can be well- hidden and may be a good compromise.  Doing lifts with implants can increase the risks for capsular contracture, infection, nerve injury and delayed healing though (especially if the implants are excessively large).  It just all depends on what your goals are and what you are willing to risk to get it.  I would definitely recommend you see several board certified plastic surgeons with a lot of experience doing combination breast augmentation mastopexies (as they are challenging cases to do properly).  Best wishes.

Bao L. Phan, MD
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Periareolar Lift or Implants?

A periareolar or Benelli type lift would not be helpful for you. The Benelli lift has limited ability to truly lift your breast while at the same time it tends to flatten your breast and that would not be beneficial to you. It looks like you could improve your breast shape and fill out your upper pole with just an augmentation, but an in person consultation would be needed to give you more a more definitive recommendation.

Braden C. Stridde, MD
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Implants with or without lift

The periareolar lift will actually not do much "lifting" in this case. The implant itself will likely create a nice shape and outcome. If after several months (4-6) you and your plastic surgeon feel the need to do the lift, then you can do it at a second stage. The scar from a periareolar lift tends to widen over time so if you can avoid it in the first place you may be happier. Discuss this in detail with your plastic surgeon in person.
Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Implants alone? or with a lift?

Dear rounda,Thank you for sharing your photos and the desired outcome photo- these are very helpful.
Although it's difficult to give advice based on photos alone (especially since the position of the arms affects the appearance of the breasts), given that you like the fullness below the nipple as demonstrated by your desired outcome and the size you are looking to be it would be reasonable to go for implants alone. Your nipple areolar complex position puts you right at the borderline of needing a lift with implants versus implants alone. Neither option is wrong for you- it just depends on what your goals are. I suspect that you would be happy with implants alone, though discussing the options in detail with you chosen PS is best. Plastic surgery is partly art and partly science- it is not uncommon for us to have differing opinions. My best advice on this point is to look through before and after photos of the surgeons you meet and also to evaluate whether or not they seem to be on the same page as you as far as your goals. 
Best of luck, Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
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Just based on your photos, you would probably get a very nice results with just implants. It is interesting that you feel the need to visit with at least 4 surgeons. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and like his/her photos of patients. Good luck to you!

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Would I benefit from a periareolar lift or just implants?

Based on your photos, I would predict that you would be able to achieve the look you want with breast augmentation alone and would not need a periareolar lift. You do have some breast overhang and a mildly low nipple position, but as long as a dual plane technique is used to encourage the implant to relax into the lower pole of the breast, you should be able to get by without a lift at this point. 

Robert M. Grenley, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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