IPL Didn't Work for Rosecea

i have olive skin complextion i also have roseca my dermatologist did 4 ipl treatment why i did not see any diffrent?  i also have one fraxel done too for my open pores,my ipl was done every other week its been more then a month idid not see any diffrence in my skin.should i continue to do more ipl or stop now please give me some advise what to do because my redness & my vessels looking worst now,

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Pulsed Dye Laser Is Gold Standard For Facial Redness

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Lasers and IPL work for facial redness by selectively targeting the red color.  A pulsed dye laser emits a wavelength that preferentially targets red and is usually much more effective than other lasers or IPL's for reducing redness.  One of the most commonly used pulsed dye lasers is called the VBeam.  

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