I Have Olive Skin and Was Wondering if I Could Treat the Eye Areas Only with the FX Laser?

I have pigmentation around my eyes and on my top lip. I have been using the obagi system for the last five months and have just finished as the pigmentation faded but then went red and then returned! Is FX laser the only treatment on the market that successfully remove pigmentation? I have olive skin and was wondering if I could treat around the eye areas only with the FX laser as I am worried about treating my whole face?

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Active FX and Eye Area

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Thank you for your question. The FX is not the best for pigment around the eyes.  It can be effective and also make it worse.  I would use a V-Beam under the eyes.  Use an FX if you want tightening of the skin. I hope this helps!

Treating Peri-orbital and Peri-oral Hyperpigmentation with Fractional (FX) Laser

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You have to be careful when you treat isolated areas to avoid regions of imbalance in the skin, with regard to texture, color and tone of the skin. The key to natural looking rejuvenation is balance. To achieve this, you may need to have more than one procedure performed in the areas you are concerned about, or you may want to opt for a full face procedure, with added attention to your eyes and lip areas. If you have a tendency to hyperpigment, pre-treatment with a lightening agent will be needed and a meticulous post procedure regimen, including sun protection adhered to.

FX is a very good option for what you are considering. Good Luck!

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