I've had a fat pad on the back of my neck with a mole for years. I'm not sure what to do?

Ive heard this is common in women and can cause many female health issues. Is this true? It developed in my early teens. And never was treated. Even though the mole is kind of dark and big. The fat pad has caused me pain and breathing problems. Even have problems sometimes moving my neck. The skin on the front of my neck sometimes feels tight. Like its chocking me. I've explained this several times to different doctors. None are worried. I'm 26 1/2. And I'm not sure what to do anymore.

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There are many treatment options for this, but without a picture I cannot give my best advice. I suggest consulting with an expert. In my practice we typically do hi definition body shaping to remove the "buffalo hump" you are descibing with great success. Best, Dr. Emer

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