Best Treatment for Old Keloid with Discoloration?

I am tired of my keloid, I have it since I was 7 years old. I have tried almost every single Keloid removal option doctors recommend: from steroid injections, dressings, and more and none of them have worked. They make the keloid flat for a while but after that it gets bigger and uglier. I also have a dark coloration around the keloid. I have used creams recommended by dermatologist and it didn't work. What else can I do? The keloid is located on my shoulder. Thank you for your answers.

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A range of additional options for keloids

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It sounds as if you have tried the most popular options available.

Other possibilities include the use of topical bleaching agents such as triluma

Also some investigators have reported success with intralesional 5 FU injections

The use of lasers is controversial and may help some improve some of the hyperpigmentation. Some claim IPL has beneficial effects as well.

Unfortunately it is difficult to predict to which treatment you will respond if at all.

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