So I had my breast augmentation June 21st; I'm 10 days post op. My steri strips still have not came off? (Photos)

1. My steri strips still have not came off? I wash them with dial soap daily in shower and they are not coming off. Will water get under it and cause infection? 2. I had my IV placed in my right hand on top well they had to do it twice?However it's been so soar like a horrid bruse ever since if I bump it, type, or even write with a pen. Today I noticed the vein is swollen a bit and is harder? But more up by my wrist almost?!?! Could something be stuck in there?

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Post Op Concerns

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Thank you for your question. My patients keep their steri strips in place for 2-3 weeks.  As for the vein, it could be inflamed for a few weeks and warm compresses usually help but it would be best to discuss these issues with your Plastic Surgeon in person and let them advise you.

All the best

Steri Strips after Breast Augmentation with writs pain from IV

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Hi Kenzie,

Thanks for your question and photos. Steri strips are usually placed with a special glue that can keep them on for a while. The skin under them is sealed within 24hrs, so getting an infection is unlikely but possible. I do not use steri strips and used dermabond instead. I would check with your doctors office but i usually tell patients to remove them within one week after surgery. the IV site pain is likely some scarring but can be a small nodule. Warm compress and massage as tolerated can help.  Seek an in person exam from your doctors office as this helps the best. Good Luck

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Steri strips and tender IV site

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Dear kenzie1226,
As long as you are not having any irritation from the adhesive in the steri strips they should be just fine. You can touch base with your office to be sure what they recommend you do at this point. You may have thrombophlebitis from your IV site. If there is any redness or streaking be seen ASAP, but if it is tender nodule try warm compresses and elevation. Again, it is worth touching base with your surgeon's office about these issues because you are so early after surgery.
Best of luck,

So I had my breast augmentation June 21st; I'm 10 days post op. My steri strips still have not came off?

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Please see your plastic surgeon for an examination and treatment.  Although these issues seem benign it is impossible to give you proper advice over the Internet.  See your surgeon.

Breast augmentation - questions on day ten

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Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.
  • Please call your surgeon's office for guidance on your steristrips. 
  • (They may want you to leave them or to remove them and apply fresh tape.)
  • There will not be anything stuck in  your vein but phlebitis (a vein infection) can occur.
  • Please be sure to mention this to your surgeon's office when you call in.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Breast Augmentation June 21

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Thanks for your photos and questions.  Best to check with your PS regarding how long he/she would prefer the strips to remain in place.  My personal preference is to leave them in place for 4 weeks post procedure.  The soreness in the hand is most probably normal.  Mention it to your plastic surgeon when you return for follow-up.  Good luck.

Postop Care

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I advise patients to leave their steri-strips alone for the first week after surgery.  After that time if they start to peel off they can be removed.  If they stay on for two weeks or so its not problematic.  If they haven't fallen off at the two week mark, I remove them gently.  Each surgeon has their own protocol and you should check with oyur doctor.

A vein that has previously been used as an IV site may develop superficial thrombophlebitis.  This is an inflammation of the vein.  Treatment includes:
Warm compresses
NSAIDS - if cleared by the surgeon for use in the postoperative phrase
The symptoms usually resolve in 1-2 weeks, but the hardness of the vein can last longer.

Steri Strips

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Good Question -

Congratulations on your Augmentation! Steri Strips usually stay on for 2 weeks but also check with your surgeons protocol. Depends upon what type of sutures where used during your breast augmentation, but the steri strips could be holding onto a "pull-through" suture. Contact your plastic surgeon and set up a post op appointment before messing with the steri strips.

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