Follow-Up Question: Has anyone treated a dermal filler infection? What was successful?

I have a plastic surgeon, ID dr. And I have a dermatologist. NONE of them have ever seen this. Bellafill injected on 5/ abscess appeared on 5/14. Oral antibiotics started on 5/16. Drainage completed on 5/29. Kenalog injected on 6/7. Referred to ID doctor on 6/15. PIC placed on 6/17. Daptomycin and Ertapenem Sodium started via pic line. Orginal drainage site continues to drain large amounts of infection. Moved to eyelid

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Severe infection from filler injection

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This is something that is discussed at meetings but is rarely encountered. My only other suggestion is that atypical mycobacterium must be considered. It is hard to culture, and if it does grow, it takes weeks. AFB stains should be done. Atypical mycobacterium is ubiquitous and it is not clear why some people get infections from it. It seems to be an immune related problem. It is essential that sterile technique be used for all fillers, particularly long lasting fillers such as Bellafill.

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Infection After Bellafill Injections

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There are very few physicians that have seen anything like this after a filler injection since it is so rare.  Again, i am sorry this has happened and it sounds like you are being treated well.  It will just take time.  

Infection From Fillers

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I have never heard of something so severe before either.  It sounds like something more than bellfill was injected OR if this is completely unrelated to the bellafill injections.  Wound cultures, biopsies and specialized stains should be performed.  I suggest a second opinion by another ID physician and ensure a complete workup has been done.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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