Will Implants Alone Correct Asymmetry? (photo)

After consultation and research I understand I will need a lift if I get implants. I think I want to get the implants 1st and then a lift. Will the implants alone correct asymmetry until I get the lift?

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Will Implants Alone Correct Asymmetry?

A simple answer is YES BUT! You really need a lift + implants. Best to obtain IN PERSON evaluations from  a boarded PSs in your city. 

Implants in Ptotic Asymmetric Breasts


In patients with your breast shape, proceeding with breast augmentation alone would be considered a temporary, first stage towards an eventual end result.  Implants are woefully inadequate at correcting breast asymmetries except minor size differences.  Your asymmetries are only correctable with a breast lift.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Will breast implants correct breast asymmetry without other surgery?

Thanks for posting your question.


The short answer, unfortunately, is no.


Your breasts are mildly asymmetric and do have a droop, but they are completely normal. Ideally, the best way to match up your breasts would be via a breast lift (mastopexy), with a little breast tissue taken from your larger breast to match you up. 

This will also reduce the size of your areolae, which may be desirable.

Should you want to increase your breast size at the same time, then implants would be the way to do it, but I would certainly not use implants alone (in fact, in my opinion, your breasts are of a size that do not require the addition of implants).

Good luck with your decision making, and I hope this answer has helped.

Lift and implants

Your breasts appear to be significantly sagging, therefore you may not be able to achieve the results you want with implants alone. A lift may be recommended and implants may also be placed. A lift and implants may be performed at the same time or at different times. If they are performed at different times, then usually the lift is performed first.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Implants.

Breast implants can correct volume differences between breast, provided different volumes are used. Positional differences of the breast or nipples, however cannot be corrected with implants. In your case, the asymmetry needs to be addressed with a lift. Once the symmetry is better, the implants can be used for volume if you so desire. The alternative way is to augment your breast first and then lift. Some surgeons will do both procedures at the same time. 

Asaad H. Samra, MD
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Best treatment for asymmetry

Implants can correct a small amount of asymmetry, but when there is ptosis along with asymmetry implants can actually increase the apparent differences of the breasts. In your case I would echo what others have said in that a breast lift alone or with implants would be the be the best option. Implants alone would need to be placed in sub-glandular pocket which would increase the stretch on your skin and not produce an optimal result. I would also not recommend implants alone in preparation for a lift because this would actually make the lift more difficult to perform, in that the pocket(positioning) of the implant would need to be changed with the breast lift. 

Algird R. Mameniskis, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Will Implants Alone Correct Asymmetry?

Implants can correct size difference, but will not be enough to correct differences in shape and ptosis (sag). Your best outcome with come with an implant and lift. If you decide to do your procedures separately, it might make more sense to begin with the lift--if size is not a major issue, the lift may be enough. If you begin with implants, you will almost certainly need the second procedure for the lift. 

All the best. 

Implants enhance volume, but an uplift is needed to enhance shape.

I agree with the other surgeons here.  In my view, the first priority would be to improve the shape of your breasts with an uplift and it would be a simple matter to reduce the volume of your larger breast to help match them up.  If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, then they could be made larger with implants, which could be done at the time of the uplift or at a later date.  However, I would not do the implants first as the shape of the implants would not match the shape of your breasts and it may look odd.

Implants and asymmetry

Implants may correct the volume asymmetry but not the shape.  A lift will improve the shape differences but the two will never be exaclty the same.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry and implants


  If you want an equality of volume in a bra, then implants can help.  If you want to have attractive breasts without a bra, you will be in for an awful time until you do the lift.

  Look up "double bubble" and see why you will not be happy. 

  Basically, you need an asymmetric breast lift/reduction and if you want implants to be done at the same time, that is easily done.  I do not like the two stage approach but some doctors do.

  Bottom line....implants alone will NOT correct your asymmetry.  Be sure to get several opinions but your ideal is, as mentioned, is to have an asymmetric breast lift/reduction to equalize your breasts in volume and have you matched. This will give you the same weights of breast tissue over the muscle and then at the same time, you can have equal sized implants placed under the muscle.  With this approach, you will settle equally over the years. 

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