I am 10 days po, is there anything I can put on the scars to minimize them?

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I am 10 days po, is there anything I can put on the scars to minimize them?

Silicone sheeting is the most effective to reduce scarring, but also the most cumbersome. There are some topical products as well. Check with your surgeon about what they recommend and when to start.

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Minimizing scars

Thank you for your question.

The only method that has been proven to improve the appearance of scars is silicone gel sheeting. Once the incisions are well healed, this sheeting is applied over the scars and can help the scars, fade and flatten over time. Speak with you surgeon about how to best apply the sheeting.

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Scar treatments

Talk to your surgeon about scar minimization techniques and timing. We generally recommend Scarguard once any crusting has resolved. 

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10 days post op, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us. 
Ten days after Breast Reduction, it's not time enough to express a valid opinion of results.
On the other hand, generally to avoid the normal p.o. swelling, I recommend to limit the arms movement for two weeks. 
Also it's not advisable to carry weight and take the antiinflamatory painkillers drugs.
Finally, I recommend you always use a therapeutic bra.
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Minimizing Scars After Breast Reduction

You should check with your surgeon on this. For my patients, once the incisions are healed I have them use silicone sheeting and have had very good results. Good luck.

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