Hit in the nose 9 weeks after Rhinoplasty with a ball. Any suggestions?

Hit nose 9weeks after rhino. Only had bridge augmentation and tipplasty. Cartilage for tipplasty taken from deviated part of septum. When I was hit, there was small pain & small bleeding. My surgeon said nose was okay. Nose looked really good until hit and now it is swollen but no visible deviation. Why did I bleed? Why is my nose swollen if nothing is wrong? Can alar cartilage spread undoing the tipplasty and would I feel pain if this happened? Can silicone implant shift from hit after 9 weeks?

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Trauma to rhinoplasty

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If your doctor has seen and reassured you then that should be fine - noses swell quit easily if hit after a rhinoplasty in the first few months but it should settle nicely

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