5th Fraxel treatment and my settings were 40;5;8 passes, what does it mean?

..Now the machine says fraxel, but it appears to be an offbrand(Due to the text compared to the fraxel logo I am familiar with; it also says "Reliant" on the monitor and the handheld device itself is a legitamite "Fraxel" brand. So what do these specific numbers mean?

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Fraxel Settings and Success

Honestly, this is a very difficult question to answer as you are asking many things.  Settings are dependent on the persons experience doing the treatment AND your certain goals.  IE scars are treated differently than deep or fine wrinkles THAN sun spots.  Also, the laser machine ... ask your physician directly and take pictures of it if you are concerned.  However, if you do not trust your physicain or their office I suggest leaving them now and going to a very reputable location.  Nobody should be selling "fraxel" unless it truly is the fraxel device.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fraxel Treatment and Settings

The Fraxel laser is a unique laser and understanding the settings is key to the success of the laser.  I am not certain why it would say Reliant since the Fraxel laser only says Fraxel on it.  Please be certain that you are reaching the laser that you are paying for.  It is most important to consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in Fraxel.

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Fraxel parameters

These numbers are referring to some of the different parameters that were adjusted to achieve the specific result your physician was looking for.  Knowing the right settings to use and how to change them is important for your physician to know since it will determine how the laser interacts with your tissue.  The specifics of the parameters have to do with physics (i.e. joules of energy, percent overlap, etc) and aren't that helpful to know from a layperson's standpoint.  Bottom line: select a physician with training and experience whom you can trust and don't worry about the numbers on the screen!

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