Need a Dr./ Oklahoma (Willing to Drive!)?

Had Radiesse in my tear troughs 6 years ago. Have chronic black mold/pus coming out of my sinuses for 3 years. I think there is an abnormal opening in my nose to my face that chronically drains. I can't find anyone who can help me. ENT Dr.'s all think I'm crazy and the abcesss that I am 100% positive that I have does not show up on CT. I know there must be someone to listen and want to help me. Don't wanna live like this. My ENT says I'm fine (NO). Seen Dr.s/ multiple specialties. Please help me.

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Need a Dr./ Oklahoma (Willing to Drive!)?

I would suggest that you start by contacting the ENT/Facial Plastic/Plastic Surgery departments at some medical centers near you and see if you can get someone to discuss your case or, at least, to be willing to meet you in person.  You should have copies of the tests that have been done (CT Scans, etc).  Sorry, but I hope that this has helped,

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Radiesse - sinusitis

You may want to get another opinion from a plastic surgeon or better yet, head and neck specialist at the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic. Good Luck. Sometimes it is best to get a 'fresh look' into your problem for reassurance.

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