How much will it cost to have my silicone implant replacement surgery in Okc, OK?

I have a silent rupture

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Cost of removing and replacing ruptured breast implants?

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The cost of removing and replacing your implants can range between $5000.00-$10,000.00 depending your specific needs -- such as whether you will need a lift or a mastopexy, and what type of implants you choose to replace your current implants.  Your current implants may still be under warranty as well; if so, then most manufacturers will help with the cost to a certain extent.  So it would also be helpful if you have your old implant information.  I would suggest that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.  Take care and good luck!

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How much for silicone implant replacement surgery?

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If you can find or have your original implant information, that would be very helpful.  You likely have a warranty the covers the implants for rupture, which would save you that cost.  Additionally, you could contact the manufacturer to inquire about what type of warranty may be associated with your implants which could possibly provide financial assistance for a return to the operating room.  Having this information will be of great help to any plastic surgeon you consult with in your area and you could inquire about what the cost might be if you are armed with this information first to be more accurate.  Best of luck!

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Cost of implant replacement for rupture

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There are a number of variables which would affect the costs of implant replacement, including the type of implant, whether you will replace one or both implants, and whether any other changes will be necessary within the implant space.  If your implants are still under warranty then you may face reduced implant costs and perhaps some financial compensation towards the costs of surgery.

Find a board certified Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in revision augmentation for consultation.  Be sure to bring whatever documentation you have regarding your current implants, studies which diagnosed the rupture, etc.

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