Is 5 surgeries at once crazy? (photos)

Currently a 130 cc breast implants, with rhinoplasty tip surgery and blepharoplasty of upper and lower eye lids. I want 600 cc implants, reduced bridge in my nose, liposuction of lower abdomen and flanks and tummy tuck. Since I am removing fat I want to use it under my eyes to remove lines, lips for projection, a rounder butt at the top since my bottom butt cheeks are pretty full and chin for projection. All will get done just not sure on how to combine for best recovery and results.

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Too much surgery for one setting

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When planning elective cosmetic surgery, our number one concern is the safety of our patients.  The incidence of complications goes up considerably with the length of the procedure.  As an outpatient, six hours is usually considered the maximum length of any procedure

All of the procedures you are contemplating will take much longer than 6 hours, so I would divide up the procedures.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your plans.

Good Luck!

Combining Multiple Such as In a Mommy Makeover

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The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures to bring a woman’s body back to the way she looked prior to pregnancy. Most commonly some variation of a #TummyTuck and #BreastSurgery are performed. Additional procedures can include liposuction, umbilical hernia repair.  The most common #breastprocedures include #mastopexy or #breastlift, #breastaugmentation, or #breastreduction.   
Healing after a  #tummytuck will require time. Some patients are out of bed and walking the night of surgery and every hour while awake. I allow my patients to return to work at one to two weeks with 14 days preferred.  However, no lifting or straining.  At three weeks, increased level of activity and full with no restrictions, at 6 weeks. #MummyTummy is a term given to modified tummy tucks which can use liposuction and skin tightening with radiofrequency such Vanquish, Vela3, thermage, thermiRF and others.  The actual fat contouring can be done non-surgically as well with #UltraShape or Cool-Sculpting.

Also, such #combined operations are often performed with our Gynecology colleagues. Tubal ligation is a common post pregnancy procedure which is done at the time of many of the surgeries included with Mommy Makeovers. Therefore, if you require a gynecologic operation or study (laparoscopy) and are considering a plastic surgery procedure, discuss these issues with your doctor.

If your surgeon feels you are a candidate, it may be possible to add additional procedures such as those you mention. #Combining these procedures decreases anesthetics, costs, and recovery time.  Most importantly, your procedures should be performed by a #PlasticSurgeon who is board-certified and has a great deal of experience specializing in cosmetic #surgery. You will then greatly improve your chances of getting the result you desire, and, without the need for a revision surgery. It is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

Is 5 surgeries at once crazy?

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Thank you for the question.  Combination surgical procedures are done routinely. However, you are wise in being concerned about the safety of combination surgery; risks/possible complications do increase with increased length of surgery… In your case, you will be best off stating the procedures (more than one procedure).

It is best to evaluate each patient's suitability for combination surgery on an individualized basis. During this consultation process, after a complete history and physical, the SAFETY of combining these surgical procedures becomes of paramount importance. Plastic surgeon, anesthesia provider, duration of surgery, surgery facility all important considerations. Your best bet: choose your plastic surgeon very carefully; everything else including good judgment/advice/planning, anesthesia provider and safe surgery facility will follow.

I would suggest starting with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.
Then, I would suggest you visit a few surgeons whose practices concentrate on aesthetic surgery. Ask to SEE lots of examples of their work AND preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done.
I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to mommy makeover surgery concerns), helps. Best wishes.

How many surgeries are too many?

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It sounds like a lot of procedures at once but whether or not it is too much depends on your comfort level as well as the comfort level of your surgeon.  Since you're asking the question, I have to assume you are not entirely comfortable with so much being done at the same time.  The most important thing you should consider is that the more time under anesthesia equates to a higher risk of complications and some of those complications can be quite serious such as blood clots and emboli.  If you are certain you wish to proceed with such a long surgery you should discuss with your plastic surgeon what actions he will take to minimize these risks under such a long anesthesia.

Is 5 surgeries at once crazy?

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You should not have all of these procedures done at one time for the reason that the longer you are under general anethesia the more risk and complications you may face. You should divide these up. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. 

5 in 1!

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Different surgeons take different amounts of time to perform procedures and will perform different number of hours of surgery depending on the circumstances and location of the surgery. My suggestion is this: have done as much as the surgeon can perform safely in the amount of time it will take him to perform it and prioritize the things you want done most, doing those in the first surgery.

Dr Derby

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It is best to separate into 2 procedures. First the breast augmentation with the nose correction. And then after the TT with liposuction, eyelid correction and fat transfer to buttocks and face. This is my recommendation looking at your photos. Best of luck

5 Surgeries at once

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Combining procedures is not really a good idea. You stand to increase the risk of complications, especially thrombosis and pulmonary emboli.  You would need to separate these procedures. Your Rhinoplasty can be combined with your Breast Augmentation. Your Tummy Tuck with your Blepharoplasty and Fat Transfer to the face. And your Brazilian Butt Lift as last to be able to graft the most amount of fat for transfer. All of the procedures you are interested in cannot be done in one visit because to perform these procedures together would take too many hours, with increased risk of complications. And surgeons are limited to 1 liter of fat that can be liposuctioned during a combined procedure vs doing liposuction as an individual procedure where they are allowed to remove 4 liters of fat. Hope this helps. 

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